How it began

October 29th, 2018, all posts

Hi everyone,

My name is Olivier and this is the first post of our blog about the development of Squarewave Maker. We will use this blog to keep you informed about the advancement of the project and sometime to post articles that will go deeper on specific subjects such as the inner working of our engine, the design problems we encounter and the failures we faced… yeah you know that Kickstarter thing…
It took us a long time to set this blog up so will mix posts about current developments but also posts about what happened since the beginning of our indie adventure.
So let’s start with a bit of backstory first.

I left Ubisoft Montreal in april 2016 after having worked 3 years in the Far Cry team and having shipped Far Cry 4 and Far Cry Primal as an audio programmer. Ubisoft Montreal was really a wonderful place to work in and the guys in there are truly amazing people.
Everything was great at the job but when my wife Joranne asked me to join her as an indie dev to start working on our own project together it got me excited.
Going indie was something I had for a long time at the back of my mind but I was waiting for the right moment to do the move.
It does not took me long to take my decision and 3 days later I announced my team lead that I’ll leave Ubisoft by the end of the month. It was a bit sudden and surprising for my colleagues who thought this indie thing was a bad joke because my last work day was planned april 1st.

We did not have an exact plan of what we will do exactly but were sure of two things, it will be strongly related to music and we will try to make this whole indie adventure more of a sustainable business than a sole project venture.

One week after I left Ubisoft, we had some meetings with a indie company looking for freelance programmers and another studio who was looking for a team to develop their mobile application. We agreed with both teams that it’s was ok for them to do part time contract work on their respective project.
Splitting our workforce 50/50 between contracts and the creation of our own ip allowed us to keep our fridge filled, to pay the bills and to secure the creative freedom that Joranne and I needed to create our own game.

We’ve been avid players of rhythm games, we played countless nights of DDR and Guitar Hero with friends when we were younger. More recently we've also played Crypt of the Necrodancer and the idea of having some kind of mashup involving game and music start to grew in our minds.
Around that time we were also playing Mario Maker and we really enjoyed it. We bought a Wii U only for that! (and Mario Kart 8 of course).
Trying to create crazy levels and going on Youtube to discover what the community was doing online was really a lot of fun for us.
All of that led us to ask ourselves what it would be like to bring that maker vibe to music and rhythm games, and it became quickly clear that this will involve putting some kind of new bridges between music and game and that this could have the potential to be really really fun.

This is how the idea of Squarewave Maker was born.

Let us know what you think on our Discord.